Stateline Rallycross


The client, a newly established Rallycross organization, lacked an established brand identity. As a new entity in the industry, they needed a cohesive and compelling brand that would effectively communicate the essence of their events and instill trust in potential participants. The challenge was to create a comprehensive brand from scratch that would resonate with their target audience and convey the legitimacy and professionalism of their organization.


A comprehensive branding strategy was implemented. A dynamic logo was crafted, encapsulating the elements of speed, dirt, and racing in a visually striking yet straightforward design, ensuring versatility across various marketing materials. Additionally, a fully functional website was developed, providing a platform to showcase the organization’s offerings, event details, and registration capabilities, fostering credibility and accessibility. The branding efforts extended to the creation of complementary marketing collateral, including business cards, posters, event flyers, and merchandise, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand experience for the target. Video was taken on site to showcase what it’s like to race at one of their events.