Kraken Concepts Racing


A rallycross driver, who ventured into selling specialized tires for the sport, approached me with a unique task. He needed to build trust and awareness for his product among the rallycross community nationwide. The challenge was to explain the importance and functionality of these tires in a way that resonated with fellow drivers, distinguishing them from ordinary street tires.


To establish credibility and professionalism, I created an updated logo for the business. Next, I filmed and edited educational videos featuring the client himself, where he explained the nuances of the tires, their benefits, and how they enhance performance in rallycross events. To showcase the tires in action, I attended an actual rallycross event, capturing impressive footage using an FPV drone and GoPro cameras. This raw footage was then skillfully edited into a captivating 60-second advertisement, highlighting the tires’ capabilities in a visually impactful manner.