Foltman Furniture LLC


The client, a master woodworker renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, was in need of a brand identity that could accurately reflect the remarkable quality of their work. Their existing branding materials failed to capture the essence of their artistry, leaving a significant gap between the perceived image and the true caliber of their offerings.


I visited the client’s workshop to immerse myself in their creative process, capturing captivating photographs and videos. Using these visual assets, I crafted detailed brand guidelines that outlined the brand’s visual language, tone, and messaging. Additionally, I designed and developed a visually stunning website that showcased the client’s exceptional woodworking expertise, fostered trust among potential clients, and facilitated seamless exploration of their portfolio. By harmonizing visuals, brand messaging, and digital presence, this solution elevated the client’s perceived value, aligning their external image with the unparalleled quality of their work.