I’ve come to love numerous forms of art/design in all mediums, whether it be creating a vector design on the computer or making a piece of furniture out of wood.

The task of creating something, something that is useful brings me joy. Knowing that I’ve created something that has a purpose out of just an idea is inspiring and keeps me going.

Even with over a decade of experience in the creative field, I’ve found that there is always something new to learn. That craving to learn has given me many different skills and can adapt to any needs that arise. If I don’t know how to do something, I have a strong determination to figure out how.

To me, problems are not problems, but a challenge to find a creative solution. I engross myself on the task at hand to do the best I can do and adapt to any changes that may present itself.

Continuous improvement, how can things be made better and more efficient, is always on my mind both at work and in personal life. A lot of small, easy changes can make a massive impact.

I love being on the bleeding edge of technology. It’s because of the excitement of learning something new that could help save a tremendous amount of time or help make me better at what I do.

There will always be someone better than you, so you better become friends with them to soak up all that knowledge.



The feeling of creating something physical and tactile from your hands makes me proud.


Culinary arts, the most delicious art form. I am combining individual ingredients to create something tasty.


The precision and accuracy is paramount. There is no room for error or bad things can happen.